2016: It wasn’t that bad of a year.

I’ve seen so many posts/memes about how 2016 has sucked, but when you actually take a moment and think about YOUR past year, was it really that bad?

When I sit and think about my past year, I can honestly only think of two not so great things that’s happened: I didn’t get into my first choice college and I’ve been sick for a while. But I can think of so, so many great things that’s happened: I helped my high school robotics team make it to the state championships, lead a successful Relay for Life team, won several awards and scholarships, not only graduated – graduated towards the top of my class and sat on stage with my best friends, had a great action packed summer, started a new job that I love, grew my business, made some new great friends in college – including some people I never thought I’d meet, was true to myself, voted for the first time, had a successful first semester of college with a great GPA, and I’m sure I’m leaving many things out.

Before you give 2016 a hard time, sit and think about YOUR year and I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

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