George L. Smith State Park

Since all Georgia state parks had free admission for MLK day, I decided to take a little adventure outside of Statesboro to George L. Smith State Park – mainly since it was the closest state park to me.

Hopped in Mr. Jetta, and about 30 minutes later I was there! Driving to the parking lot, the park looked super familiar to me but I couldn’t figure out why. Walking around for a few minutes and taking pictures, everything still looked very familiar, and it finally hit me – my dad and I went camping and fishing there years ago.

All the memories came rushing back to me. I don’t remember exactly when we went camping there – I’m thinking 6-8 years ago because I distinctly remember trying to look at Google Maps on my dad’s Blackberry, and I didn’t have a smart phone yet so it was probably 6th grade-ish. Anyways, I realized I was talking pictures in the exact spot I was fishing in years before.¬†Walking through some of the trails, I tried to find the camp site we were at – I remember it well now because it was right on the water and there was a small concrete¬†dam nearby that I remember walking across.

What was supposed to just be something to get me out of the dorm for a little while unexpectedly turned into something more – which was really nice after a busy week of school and something I hope I can share with my kids one day.

All pictures taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and a 24-105mm lens. Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC.




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