Eight Magical Nights

Unlike Natalee Holloway, I did not disappear in Aruba.

Those “magical” nights consisted of countless slices of pizza, chocolate melting cakes nightly, “borrowing” books from the ship’s library, and feeding donkeys in Aruba. And Carnival, if you’re reading this, you should have an excursion called The Natalee Holloway Experience – it’d consist of being captured once debarking the ship, driven through the countryside and dropped off in some run down part of town. If you make it back to the ship, you get a free drink coupon!

The ship was named the Carnival Magic, for those that didn’t get the title.

All pictures taken with a Canon 5D Mark III, a 24-105mm lens, and a 70-200m f2.8 lens. Processed in Adobe Lightroom CC.

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Parker Bass

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